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Progesterone Boosting Recipe | Shiitake, Avocado & Prawn-Filled Leaves

A Progesterone Boosting Recipe. Create your own functional food magic with this progesterone boosting recipe starring red cabbage, shiitake, avocado, and prawns.

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Endive Hempseed Apple Detox Salad

A super easy & delicious detox salad loaded with hormone-balancing properties with two superstars: endive & hempseeds!

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Stop PMS

How To Stop PMS Once And For All

85% of women regularly struggle with mood swings, migraines, and bloating. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here’s how to stop PMS once and for all.

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Bone Broth

Chicken Broth: Why It’s So Healthy + How To Make Your Own

Chicken broth works anti-inflammatory, gut healing, bone building, skin improving and even fat burning. Here’s why it’s so healthy + an easy recipe.

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Stress body

3 Ways Stress Affects Your Body & How To Stop It Immediately

Health is much more than drinking green juices and hitting the gym. If you never catch your breath, wake up tired, feel anxious, emotionally drained, and can’t rid stubborn abdominal fat, chances are you’re chronically stressed.

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Laura van de Vorst

Laura van de Vorst is a certified functional nutritionist, hormone expert, women’s health biohacker, entrepreneur and speaker. Her message - that women can naturally free themselves from suffering anchored in hormonal imbalances - has empowered thousands of women across the globe to take back their life and activate their wildest dreams.