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Join thousands of women who fixed their hormone imbalances naturally and created long-lasting results!


Personal Body Reset Program

Our Personal Body Reset is a 6-week coaching program that addresses the root causes of your hormone imbalance symptoms and weight-loss problems, using anti-inflammatory food & lifestyle interventions as medicine to bring your body back to balance!


Birgit Loit


I have always been struggling with hormonal health. Your knowledge, you guiding me through wellness has been life-changing.

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For the first time in my life I felt free and surprised how good I can feel in my own body. It makes my heart full & wanting to shower you with all the love in the world!



Jo Chunyan
Melbourne, Australia

Before I started the Personal Body Reset Program I had lots of sugar cravings, itchy skin, felt tired, overworked, low energy and foggy. This program freed me from all these symptoms.

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I feel lighter, less sluggish and well reseted, my itchy skin is gone and I have no more sugar cravings. The most important realization I’ve got was to REST - 8 hours of sleep, finding new healthy rituals that work, making time to eat, cravings just disappear when you’re eating well. It’s a lifestyle choice and a commitment that worked wonders for me.

The Personal Body Reset is definitely a lifestyle that people can adopt for themselves. I loved the guidance through the program and it was so rewarding and nourishing to bring in the various elements of food, lifestyle, and mindfulness into my life. I’m so grateful that it helped me to connect with my body again and the reminder of how powerful the right food is for your health.



Virginia, United States

Before I started the Reset I was stressed, trying to find supplements to help and now I feel like a new person! It was so eye-opening for me to understand that stress is highly implicated in my health and that it's not just what I eat or what I don't eat, but the interplay of stress and so many other factors e.g. exercising. I really liked the recipes and the structure!

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The meditation resources and the recipes that continue to be accessed. I definitely can recommend this program! It is a comprehensive program that helps address so many levels of health that are all interconnected and can't be fixed without looking at the whole picture.



United States

Before finding you and the 28 days reset, I wondered if I would ever get back to normal again.

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My doctor changed my birth control and my world was turned upside down. I was gaining weight (3-4lbs overnight) with no change in my diet or workout regimen, I was moody, plagued with sudden and atypical depression and anxiety, my libido had plummeted, and I couldn’t sleep at all. I was having hormonal acne constantly- not just when I was on my cycle. And I felt PMS symptoms not only when I was on my cycle, but also when I ovulated. I started having fibrocystic breast tissue, and I was waking up every night around 3 am in a pool of my own sweat. I constantly felt like I had no purpose, and the smallest inconvenience sent me into a deep spiral of anxiety. My doctor shut down the idea that birth control could be causing my symptoms. But I quit it anyway. 

Your program was exactly what I had been looking for. This reset changed my life!

I learned how to cut out sugar and caffeine. I learned how to manage my stress levels and make sleep a priority. But the true testimony for me was when my cycle came back around. I didn’t have a SINGLE symptom- no fibrocystic breast tissue, no cramping, no tender breasts, no sweet cravings, no acne. Not a single one. I’m not waking up in the middle of the night anymore. I’m not anxious and stressed. I have no cravings. And no acne. My whole life feels brand new- I never even felt this good before my birth control changed. This program was a godsend, and I truly believe that. I had seen two doctors who just acted like nothing was wrong with me. But this- this SAVED me. I plan to do one of these at least once or twice a year to keep my body feeling as incredible as it does now!! 

Thank you so much for your willingness to reach out to others and help them get their life back. You have changed mine so much, and I could never thank you enough.

femke 2

Femke (32)
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Before I started the Personal Body Rest Program I felt tired and low in energy. Now, I feel balanced and healthy, my dark eye circles and bags disappeared and my hair loss just stopped. I understood that a healthy mind creates a healthy body and the power of feeding yourself the right nutrients. I loved the holistic approach of the program, the connection of mind, body, and soul.

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Also, the support with specific recipes, tips, SMS coaching, and motivation was really useful. I was never hungry and the handing was getting easy week by week. It was more a change of lifestyle, with creating new routines and habits without feeling that you’re on a diet.  All in all, it’s a great program and I feel so honored for this experience.



Chrissie (32)
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Before the Reset I was tired, had mood swings, felt not comfortable in my skin, something was off, I was emotionally unbalanced. Now I’m more energized, have more awareness and understanding for my body and its needs, I absorb the nutrients so much better! It was lightning to understand switching from a sugar burning to fat burning metabolism, how to support my autoimmune problems better, the importance of weight lifting and how the food gets absorbed.

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I really appreciated the individual diagnosis - it was a total wake up call! It felt like you understood me, my body, and gave me hope that a fitting program would follow. I liked the full package, from de-stressing, bringing forward mindfulness and energetic activities in the beginning, to help me categorize my body issues in a way that I could address them. I can 100% recommend this program to everyone struggles with body/food/mind issues - EVERYONE. This program tackles it all and you stick to it and I think the price is absolutely reasonable. THANK YOU, thank you for changing my life really!


Freiburg, Germany

Before the reset I felt heavy and tired - I needed a change. Now after the 28-days of resetting my hormones I feel lighter, more energetic and happier. I have better sleep, more energy, and a positive mind.

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A big learning for me was how food can make us feel, influences how we think and how much power we have in our hands to make ourselves feel good. It really helped me to have a clear set of recipes to follow and know what I would eat every day. It prevented me from eating along with my old habits. I recommend this program to everyone who wants to live their life more fully again. I’ll do this program surely again and in my eyes, the price was 100% worth it.

Thank you!



Caroline van Eeuwijk
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ik heb anderhalf jaar geleden het 28 dagen reset programma gedaan. Het was voor het eerst in 20 jaar worstelen met allergieën en veelvuldig detoxen dat ik nieuwe inzichten kreeg die ervoor hebben gezorgd dat ik zodanig anders ben gaan eten dat ik geen last meer heb van allergieën of (sluimerende) infecties zonder detoxen en met heerlijk en gezond eten.

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Daarnaast ook helder inzicht gekregen in mijn patronen en hoe mijn hormonen daarop reageren en welke gevolgen dat heeft voor mijn hele ‘State of being’. Een holistische aanpak zonder meer, die op alle fronten effectief is en balans brengt. Gezond, fit, niet meer moe en geen mood swings meer. Ik raad het iedereen aan!


Personal Body Reset Success Story Interviews

Lena Braderic
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"Understanding how to eat for my body type was a gamechanger to lose my stubborn belly fat.
After the Reset, my mood swings & headaches stopped, and I feel so much more energized and calm!"

Anita (30)
Bolzano, Italy

Vor dem Personal Body Reset Program hatte ich ständig Darmprobleme und habe unter einem Reizdarm gelitten. Nach dem Program fühle ich mich wesentlich wohler in meinem Körper und weniger aufgebläht. Ich habe gelernt disziplinierter zu sein ohne mich dabei zu stressen. Durch die detaillierten Beschreibungen habe ich außerdem ein viel tiefergehendes Verständnis über Ernährung und meinen Körpertypen bekommen.

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Über die 28 Tage ist es mir überhaupt nicht schwer gefallen auf Süßes zu verzichten und habe jetzt noch weniger Verlangen danach. Ich bin positiv überrascht wie wichtig es ist, keine Mahlzeit wegzulassen und wie viel man eigentlich essen kann.  Ich finde den Preis total ok! Es steht sehr viel Mühe und Liebe zum Detail dahinter und ihr übernehmt die Aufgabe von vielen Spezialisten (welche im einzelnen sehr viel teuerer sind) und vereint dieses Wissen in eurem Programm. Ich finde, ihr leistet perfekte Arbeit! Die Seite ist sehr attraktiv und übersichtlich aufgebaut und man bekommt ständig Lust einen Step weiterzukommen! Die Fotos sind wunderschön und regen zum gesunden Lifestyle an und die SMS motivieren einen immer wieder diszipliniert am Ball zu bleiben!!

Danke, von ganzem Herzen, für diese Erfahrung und für all das, was ich gelernt habe.



Lisa (32)
Hamburg, Germany

Before the Reset, I felt tired, had no energy and PMS. Now I have more energy, my PMS symptoms are completely gone, I learned so many new things about food and what I did 'wrong' before the Reset. It also changed my thoughts about my health routine. I thought I ate healthy before... but even so-called healthy food might be not good for you if you have an autoimmune disease. That was a big learning. I really liked the amazing personal support of the team, their knowledge and really lovely messages through the reset, answering all my questions (which were a lot!)

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I integrated different foods which I wouldn't have without the reset. I’m finally off the sugar addiction. I got to know my body better. I can definitely recommend this program! It’s something you can do for healing- especially with autoimmune disease or hormonal imbalance, I noticed results after week 3. It is a little time consuming, but worth it! You feel that you're giving your body the right nutrients.


Charlotte (28)
Berlin, Germany 

I feel way more in harmony with myself. I feel lighter, stronger and more balanced. I have no PMS and menstrual pain anymore (after 16 years of suffering from it). I don't have sugar cravings anymore. I also lost some weight and gained some muscles. But what really changed is my mindset towards my body was instead of blaming it for not functioning or looking the way I expect it to, I now take full responsibility for the wellbeing of my body. I now know in my heart, that what I feed myself with will determine how my body feels, looks and functions. The Personal Body Reset was the beginning of finally becoming friends with my own body. I learned to question my habits, really think about their consequences and what that implies about my relationship to myself.

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I was very uncomfortable in my own body before the Program. I had no energy, digestive problems, often food cravings, heavy PMS and menstrual pain. I was putting much effort into my diet and always trying to eat healthy but it always felt like a restriction that didn't quite pay off the way I hoped. I had problems sleeping and back pains. I was easily emotionally irritable. In a nutshell, I was trying really hard to be healthy but somehow I kept feeling uncomfortable in my own body and felt like failing at it despite my efforts.

I loved the menu, it's 28 days of delicious food! Everyday is a mouthwatering experience and a celebration of life in that matter. The SMS coaching really helped me to stay motivated. I liked the whole set up of the member area. It’s beautifully designed and easy to handle, a perfect guidance through the program. 

The Pre-Steps are so important and really convinced me from the start. It's not just jumping into a food diet but a holistic step-by-step approach. I definitely recommend the program, because it’s a holistic approach to reconnecting with one's body and mind. It’s a long term lifestyle change!

The price, although after having completed the program isn’t too much in my eyes.



Nina (32)
Hamburg, Germany

I felt sick, exhausted, tired, desperate before the Personal Body Reset Program. I had infections of the bladder every six weeks. I suffered from abdominal pain while having my period and while ovulation. I woke up in the morning feeling like I haven't slept the whole night. I felt nausea every single day and was too tired to live my life. My complete private life stood still. I felt like getting the menopause. I didn't have any sex drive. I started to develop fears concerning my future, my relationship and was thinking about my body issues 24h the day. I felt kind of paranoid. I knew there was something wrong and no doctor could find a thing. I felt as if my soul and my body don't belong together anymore. After the program, I feel a lot more healthy.

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I realized how important my sleeping routine is and that my meals were way too small. I liked that every chapter contains so much information about what happens in your body while doing things wrong and what will happen if you change your lifestyle. It makes it a lot easier to understand and to find your own way and routines after the Personal Body Reset. It also helped my boyfriend to understand my condition and to be patient with me. I really appreciate the personal contact to you. Knowing that there is someone I could talk/write to, about how I feel and what I struggle with. I love cooking and I enjoyed to try out new recipes so much. It was a challenging process for me but it was a very important step to find my way out of my burn-out. Of course, I would recommend the program. I think it is so important to be able to help yourself. Not being depended on a doctor anymore, having millions of appointments that ate my free time, was the best for me. I think the price is a big one to pay for a lot of people. I know for me it was every single penny worth it.



30-Day Cleanse & Restore Detox

Cleansing & restoring your body is a game-changer for weight loss, detoxification, digestion, skin, hormones, and respiration. Without a balanced digestive tract, we're unable to absorb nutrients, detox, control our symptoms and lose weight.

Whether you want to recover from a holiday binge, repair leaky gut that's killing your mood + skin, or boost your energy, this is for you!



Jana Knakowski 
Westerhorn, Germany

Vor der Reinigungskur habe ich mich schlapp und in meinem Körper nicht zu Hause gefühlt. Ich war oft müde, meine Haut war schlecht und meine Haare brüchig. Jetzt ich fühle mich großartig! Meine Haut strahlt, ich habe eine viel bessere Verdauung, 2 Kilo verloren und sogar.

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Mein gesamtes Körpergefühl hat sich verbessert. Außerdem habe ich meine PMS-Beschwerden besser in den Griff bekommen. Ich habe gelernt meinem Körper ausreichend gutes Essen, Zeit und Geduld zu schenken. Physisch merke ich, dass er mir dankt und ich mich insgesamt einfach so wohl in meiner Haut fühle. Emotional betrachtet kann ich sagen, dass ich wieder Vertrauen in mein Hormonsystem bekommen habe.

Würdest du das Cleanse & Restore empfehlen? Und wenn ja, warum?

Auf jeden Fall! Es gibt einem ein ganz anderes Körper- und Lebensgefühl. Ich kann es nur empfehlen!

Möchtest du noch etwas über die Begleitung auf deiner Reise mit uns teilen?

Es hat mein Herz erwärmt Laura und Petra kennengelernt zu haben. Mit einer verständnisvollen Art und ihren Fähigkeiten individuell auf das bestehende Problem einzugehen, fühlte ich mich so gut aufgehoben und wusste, dass mir die beiden gut tun und mir auf meinem Weg die PMS-Beschwerden loszuwerden, helfen werden. Danke!



Charlotte van der Lande
Amsterdam, Netherland

After the 30-day Cleanse & Restore month I felt very energetic, healthy and the most important thing which I’ve experienced is that my gut and I became a team!

I think this belongs on the list of the best presents you can gift yourself with, because you deserve to feel good in your own skin.

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Where I felt inexplicable things in the beginning that I couldn't recognize. I now notice the signals, which foods are too difficult to digest for my body. This helps me to improve my healthy choices. I never felt so strongly that the decisions I make about what I consume has such a direct influence on my mood and wellbeing.

I highly recommend the Cleanse & Restore to everyone, cause it helped me to understand my body more than ever. I am now able to make better health choices and can feel how this positively impacts my emotional wellbeing.

This will definitely be a yearly thing for me, and my family!



Elly Veerman


I started the cleanse and restore because I struggled from a a thyroid infection. The internist advised me to take heavy medication to lower the thyroid, but I don't wanted to go this path any longer. I am deeply grateful I tried this natural solution and amazed by the change it brought into my life...

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I got rid of my thyroid inflammation and I don't have to take medication anymore plus I am fitter than ever. Thank you for this amazing transformation journey!



Anouk Arkesteijn
Oldenzaal, Netherlands

I’ve been trying to heal my chronic bladder infection for half a year. I tried everything. 3 rounds of antibiotics, specialty teas, cranberry pills. NOTHING WORKED. A 4th heavy antibiotic cure was awaiting me, but I didn’t want this again for my body. Then I heard about the Cleanse & Restore Program and it changed my life...

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The first days were intense because I really missed sugar (my weak spot), but after a few days I really started to feel the difference. After 2 weeks of working on the program, I brought my urine sample to the doctor and the bladder infection was OFFICIALLY GONE! I'm now half-way and it's still a bit sensitive, but WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!

I am deeply grateful I tried the natural path to support my body instead of harming it again with heavy antibiotics.



Martine Schilder


I have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease since 2017. Medication didn't hep, so that 30cm of large intestine had to be removed in 2019. After the Crohn's became stable, I also used medication for this. The test results ​​continued to fluctuate. That’s why my pregnancy wish at the time wasn’t able to come true, but then I did the cleanse & restore...


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I had a pregnancy wish and intended to do everything to stabilize the values. I ended up with Marian and Petra who recommended the cleanse and restore in combination with nutritional advice. So I started the cleanse and restore on January 1, 2020. On April 20, I had an evaluation scope in the hospital and the small and large intestines were free of inflammation. I was so happy, 3 months of cleanse and restore had helped me enormously. On May 5, I got the “green light” for my pregnancy wish. At the end of June we decided to go for it, hoping that the rest of the holiday would also do us good. On August 1, I had my positive pregnancy test and on April 18, after 9 wonderful months of pregnancy without complaints and medication, our son Rob was born. For a next pregnancy I'll start again with the cleanse and restore. This program helped me so much!


Annika Bieber,

Video Testimonial (German)


Personal Coaching Programs

Find complete guidance at the highest level with our coaching packages. Tap into the power of personalised care to treat the root cause of YOUR issues. A natural, step-by-step, whole-body approach to correct hormone imbalances and achieve lasting results.

Free yourself from period problems & pains, fatigue, mood changes, infertility, weight gain, skin issues, digestive discomfort, frustration &. anxiety. 


Birgit Loit

Birgit Loit

I have always been struggling with hormonal health. Your knowledge, you guiding me through wellness has been life-changing. For the first time in my life I felt free and surprised how good I can feel in my own body. It makes my heart full & wanting to shower you with all the love in the world!

Sophie S

Sophie Schäfgen
You are like a jewel, a very precious person, who helped me take better care of myself. Your words always make me feel appreciated and empowered. I can count on her a 100% if I need help and you have so much to give! I am beyond grateful for knowing you.

Lena B

Lena Braderic

You're one of the kindest, loving and caring human beings on this planet and I am so grateful I got to meet you. Your ability to heal people is so special.

Nieky I

Nieky Ipektchi

I want you to know, my soul will never forget, how much love and light your are bringing into our lives and how much you help us to discover our own light. Thank you for being the best healing mum I know.


Feel at home in your body again.

"Dear Laura, I just wrote Petra too, I'm so happy... Today I got my period! After 17 years... 'just' through lifestyle, plant medicine and nutrition! And honestly love, this has activated quite a wave of hormones in me 😉 I thank you so much, you, your mother, the entire team!"

- Sophia B. (34), Germany

"You guys are amazing, such beautiful souls, so inspiring and so professional yet so human. LOVE IT. Very grateful and lucky to have met you."

- Isabelle F. (33), Portugal

"I just want to share something with you: I got my period on Wednesday and usually this means two very painful days for me with at least 900 mg Ibuprofen per day to cope. This time though I did not need to take any Ibuprofen at all. I still had a little bit of pain but it was absolutely manageable. I hold the body reset accountable for that wonder! Just these few days seem to have worked something in my body. Absolutely amazing!"

- Charlotte Z. (30), Germany

"I can't thank you enough. I am so grateful that we have met each other and that we just had this wonderful call. It is so inspiring and I can't wait to get deeper in this topic. It is so fascinating. Thank you so much for your work and your passion. You are so precious."

- Tanja M. (28), Switzerland

"Omg, this detox is amazing! The combination of the supplements and the recipes worked wonders for me. My sleep improved, my candida left my body, I have more energy, and my skin is more hydrated. I am definitely gonna do this every year. I feel like I'm 18 again! WOW!

So grateful that I've met your community."

- Wessels S.

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