Six Weeks to Feeling Sexy, Energetic and Vibrant

The Personal Body Reset is a 6-week coaching program that addresses the root causes of your hormone imbalance symptoms and weight-loss problems, using anti-inflammatory food & lifestyle interventions as medicine. Results guaranteed!

Backed by Science | Built by Experts | Proven by 650+ Success Stories


You're looking for a deep detox that'll completely reset your body

you want to remove the inflammatory, toxic burden and turn off weight-loss blocking hormones.

Your periods are absent, irregular or painful

address the root causes of PMS and PCOS, and experience regular pain-free periods again!

You're dealing with skin, gut, mood, or autoimmune problems

and believe that a holistic functional approach is best to relieve symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, bloating, mood swings, migraines, night sweats, and acne.

You're hitting menopause or want to transition off the Pill

and you really don't want to go through your pre-pill symptoms again or suffer from declining hormone levels as you age.

Of Hormone Resetters report

life-changing results, including...

weight loss

improved digestion

clearer skin

less bloat

increased energy

fewer sugar cravings

reduced PMS

better periods

reduced brain fog

better sleep

How We Help You Reset Your Hormones In 6 Weeks

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6 Modules, 10+ Workbooks

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Meal Plans, Recipes, Grocery Lists

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Online Analysis & Coaching

Transform Your Life

Our clients report 98% reduction of...

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Transform Your Life

Our clients report 96% reduction of...

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How This Program Came About...

After a decade of struggling with her energy, health, and weight, our founder Laura van de Vorst discovered that her autoimmune problem, fatigue, and PMS were rooted in several hormonal imbalances. What had started with sky-high stress hormone, quickly evolved into insulin resistance, estrogen dominance, and hypothyroidism.

Her experience naturally evolved into a mission to help women all around the world and help them balance their hormones with food and mindfulness, to heal their metabolism, reach optimal health, lose weight, and feel great again.

In 2014, Laura founded healthcoachFX together with her mother Petra. The Personal Hormone Reset method bundles all the practical, actionable steps that you can implement immediately — things you know are going to work and give you real, tangible results. The reset covers all the success strategies that changed Laura's health, energy, and life quality dramatically.

Laura and Petra




A digital health check, stress check and body typing test help us identify the root causes of your problems. Your results define your reset path and personalize your member area, modules, and nutrition plan.



As long as you're stressed and exposed to endocrine disruptors, it's physically impossible to burn fat and balance hormones. Six modules, including 10+ workbooks, with powerful mindset tricks and simple lifestyle habits, set you up for great success later on.



Tailored to your body type, your personal nutrition plan is made as convenient as possible with time-saving tools such as grocery lists, food prepping instructions, easy recipes, and daily calendar reminders.

What you'll get in the Personal Hormone Reset

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Body Typing, Stress Test and Health Check

Body typing allows us to customize the meals and ingredients in your nutrition plans and find the optimal lifestyle for your body type. Our body typing method is founded in Ayurveda and metabolic science. The health and stress checks also set parameters for your unique member area. You'll gain an insight into the state of your health and find out if you need to follow an alternative track in the program because of HPA-axis dysregulation, PMS or heavy gut problems.


10+ Workbooks

Over the span of 2 weeks, you'll be taken through 6 modules to set you up for success later on. The topics cover everything from mindset, positivity, self-esteem, vision, authenticity, and purpose to hormone balancing exercise, creating toxic-free environments, empowering habits and improving sleep quality. Everything is designed to be easily integrated into daily life, even under the highest paced settings.


Meal Plans, Recipes  and Weekly Grocery Lists

Your 4-week personal nutrition plan is tailored to your body type for optimal body reset results. The meal plans are clean, anti-inflammatory and hormone-balancing. This is by no means a starvation diet; instead, we focus on the function of the foods, making sure they support your liver, microbiome, adrenals, thyroid, ovaries, and immune system. For a fast result we (temporary) make use of organic animal proteins (only chicken and fish, no mammals). If you're vegetarian or vegan we have a solution as well, please make use of our free call.

On top of that, we help your body switch metabolically from sugar to fat burning. We do this amongst other things by cycling macronutrients during the week. We've also made the nutrition plan as convenient as possible with time-saving tools such as grocery lists, food prepping instructions, easy recipes, and daily calendar reminders.


Progress Tracking

You'll be able to keep track of the weekly progress of your symptoms, muscle mass, fat percentage, and metabolic age, with our progress tracker. That way, you and your coach can have a look at your graphs and know exactly what's going on.


1:1 Coaching Sessions & Text Messages

You'll get two extra 1:1 coaching sessions that you can book whenever you need it most. You’ll also receive daily support via SMS or email with ongoing support, tips and motivation. Our coaches can also answer your questions via live chat.


Gifts, Community &

Lifetime Access

You'll be able to join our epic community of fellow resetters, who wholeheartedly support and help each other in our private FB group. You can also do the Reset as many times as you want, as you'll have lifetime access. And... a surprise gift awaits you at the end of the program!


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The Science Behind Your Reset



Temporarily eliminate inflammatory foods, giving your system a break and reducing chronic, toxic stress.

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Nutritionally designed meals & stress-reduction encourage your body to burn stored fat for energy (i.e. ketosis).

Hormone Health


Restore homeostasis by balancing stress, sugar, sex, metabolic & thyroid hormones for total-body wellness.


How to balance your hormones naturally?

Alix Rufas
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“Working with healthcoachFX
has changed my life.”

I felt sick, exhausted, tired, desperate before the Personal Hormone Reset Program. I had infections of the bladder every six weeks. I suffered from abdominal pain while having my period and while ovulation. I woke up in the morning feeling like I haven't slept the whole night. I felt nausea every single day and was too tired to live my life. My complete private life stood still. I felt like getting the menopause. I didn't have any sex drive. I started to develop fears concerning my future, my relationship and was thinking about my body issues 24h the day. I felt kind of paranoid. I knew there was something wrong and no doctor could find a thing. I felt as if my soul and my body don't belong together anymore. After the program, I feel a lot more healthy. I realized how important my sleeping routine is and that my meals were way too small. I liked that every chapter contains so much information about what happens in your body while doing things wrong and what will happen if you change your lifestyle. It makes it a lot easier to understand and to find your own way and routines after the Personal Hormone Reset. It also helped my boyfriend to understand my condition and to be patient with me. I really appreciate the personal contact to you. Knowing that there is someone I could talk/write to, about how I feel and what I struggle with. I love cooking and I enjoyed to try out new recipes so much. It was a challenging process for me but it was a very important step to find my way out of my burn-out. Of course, I would recommend the program. I think it is so important to be able to help yourself. Not being depended on a doctor anymore, having millions of appointments that ate my free time, was the best for me. I think the price is a big one to pay for a lot of people. I know for me it was every single penny worth it.

Nina Pelka (32) - Hamburg, Germany

Vor dem Personal Hormon Reset Program hatte ich ständig Darmprobleme und habe und einem Reizdarm gelitten. Nach dem Program fühle ich mich wesentlich wohler in meinem Körper und weniger aufgebläht. Ich habe gelernt disziplinierter zu sein ohne mich dabei zu stressen. Durch die detaillierten Beschreibungen habe ich außerdem ein viel tiefergehendes Verständnis über Ernährung und meinen Körpertypen bekommen.
Über die 28 Tage ist es mir überhaupt nicht schwer gefallen auf Süßes zu verzichten und habe jetzt noch weniger Verlangen danach. Ich bin positiv überrascht wie wichtig es ist, keine Mahlzeit wegzulassen und wie viel man eigentlich essen kann.  Ich finde den Preis total ok! Es steht sehr viel Mühe und Liebe zum Detail dahinter und ihr übernehmt die Aufgabe von vielen Spezialisten (welche im einzelnen sehr viel teuerer sind) und vereint dieses Wissen in eurem Programm. Ich finde, ihr leistet perfekte Arbeit! Die Seite ist sehr attraktiv und übersichtlich aufgebaut und man bekommt ständig Lust einen Step weiterzukommen! Die Fotos sind wunderschön und regen zum gesunden Lifestyle an und die SMS motivieren einen immer wieder diszipliniert am Ball zu bleiben!!

Danke, von ganzem Herzen, für diese Erfahrung und für all das, was ich gelernt habe. Wünsch euch sehr viel Glück und Erfolg!!!!!

Anita Thurner (30) - Bolzano, Italy

I felt really uncomfortable before the Reset and had bad skin and bigger hips. Now I feel refreshed and clearer in my mind and body. The most import that lesson for me was to KEEP CALM. The meal plan really helped me to focus and I never felt alone during the program and I loved the knowledge you get behind everything. I also lost some weight and feel fitter. I recommend it already to two friends because it really works!

Anna Gliemer - Hamburg, Germany

I was very uncomfortable in my own body before the Program. I had no energy, digestive problems, often food cravings, heavy PMS, and menstrual pain. I was putting much effort into my diet and always trying to eat healthily but it always felt like a restriction that didn't quite pay off the way I hoped. I had problems sleeping and back pains. I was easily emotionally irritable. In a nutshell, I was trying really hard to be healthy but somehow I kept feeling uncomfortable in my own body and felt like failing at it despite my efforts.

Now I feel way more in harmony with myself. I feel lighter, stronger, and more balanced. I have no PMS and menstrual pain anymore (after 16 years of suffering from it). I don't have sugar cravings anymore. I also lost some weight and gained some muscles. But what really changed is my mindset towards my body instead of blaming it for not functioning or looking the way I expect it to, I now take full responsibility for the well-being of my body. I now know in my heart, that what I feed myself will determine how my body feels, looks and functions. The Personal Body Reset was the beginning of finally becoming friends with my own body. I learned to question my habits, really think about their consequences, and what that implies about my relationship with myself.
I loved the menu, it's 28 days of delicious food! Every day is a mouthwatering experience and a celebration of life for that matter. The SMS coaching really helped me to stay motivated. I liked the whole setup of the member area. It’s beautifully designed and easy to handle, with perfect guidance through the program.
The Pre-Steps are so important and really convinced me from the start. It's not just jumping into a food diet but a holistic step-by-step approach. I definitely recommend the program, because it’s a holistic approach to reconnecting with one's body and mind. It’s a long-term lifestyle change!  
The price, although after having completed the program isn’t too much in my eyes.

Charlotte Zehentmeier (28) - Berlin, Germany  

Before I started the Personal Hormone Reset Program I felt tired and low in energy. Now, I feel balanced and healthy, my dark eye circles and bags disappeared and my hair loss just stopped.  I understood that a healthy mind creates a healthy body and the power of feeding yourself the right nutrients. I loved the holistic approach of the program, and the connection of mind, body, and soul. Also, the support with specific recipes, tips, SMS coaching, and motivation was really useful. I was never hungry and the handling was getting easy week by week. It was more a change of lifestyle, with creating new routines and habits without feeling that you’re on a diet.  All in all, it’s a great program and I feel so honored for this experience.

Femke (29) - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Before I started the Reset I was stressed, trying to find supplements to help and now I feel like a new person! It was so eye-opening for me to understand that stress is highly implicated in my health and that it's not just what I eat or what I don't eat, but the interplay of stress and so many other factors e.g. exercising. I really liked the recipes and the structure! The meditation resources and the recipes that continue to be accessed. I definitely can recommend this program! It is a comprehensive program that helps address so many levels of health that are all interconnected and can't be fixed without looking at the whole picture.

Hillary Dotson - Virginia, United States

Before I started the Personal Hormone Reset Program I had lots of sugar cravings, itchy skin, felt tired, overworked, low energy and foggy. This program freed me from all these symptoms. I feel lighter, less sluggish and well reseted, my itchy skin is gone and I have no more sugar cravings. The most important realization I’ve got was to REST - 8 hours of sleep, finding new healthy rituals that work, making time to eat, cravings just disappear when you’re eating well. It’s a lifestyle choice and a commitment that worked wonders for me. The Personal Hormone Reset is definitely a lifestyle that people can adopt for themselves. I loved the guidance through the program and it was so rewarding and nourishing to bring in the various elements of food, lifestyle, and mindfulness into my life. I’m so grateful that it helped me to connect with my body again and the reminder of how powerful the right food is for your health.

Jo Poon - Melbourne, Australia

Before finding you and the 28 days reset, I wondered if I would ever get back to normal again. My doctor changed my birth control and my world was turned upside down. I was gaining weight (3-4lbs overnight) with no change in my diet or workout regimen, I was moody, plagued with sudden and atypical depression and anxiety, my libido had plummeted, and I couldn’t sleep at all. I was having hormonal acne constantly- not just when I was on my cycle. And I felt PMS symptoms not only when I was on my cycle, but also when I ovulated. I started having fibrocystic breast tissue, and I was waking up every night around 3 am in a pool of my own sweat. I constantly felt like I had no purpose, and the smallest inconvenience sent me into a deep spiral of anxiety. My doctor shut down the idea that birth control could be causing my symptoms. But I quit it anyway.
Your program was exactly what I had been looking for. This reset changed my life!
I learned how to cut out sugar and caffeine. I learned how to manage my stress levels and make sleep a priority. But the true testimony for me was when my cycle came back around. I didn’t have a SINGLE symptom- no fibrocystic breast tissue, no cramping, no tender breasts, no sweet cravings, no acne. Not a single one. I’m not waking up in the middle of the night anymore. I’m not anxious and stressed. I have no cravings. And no acne. My whole life feels brand new: I never even felt this good before my birth control changed. This program was a godsend, and I truly believe that. I had seen two doctors who just acted like nothing was wrong with me. But this- this SAVED me. I plan to do one of these at least once or twice a year to keep my body feeling as incredible as it does now!!
Thank you so much for your willingness to reach out to others and help them get their life back. You have changed mine so much, and I could never thank you enough.

Kellye M. - United States

Before the Reset I was tired, had mood swings, felt not comfortable in my skin, something was off, and I was emotionally unbalanced. Now I’m more energized, have more awareness and understanding of my body and its needs, and absorb the nutrients so much better! It was lightning to understand switching from a sugar-burning to fat-burning metabolism, how to support my autoimmune problems better, the importance of weight lifting, and how the food gets absorbed.
I really appreciated the individual diagnosis - it was a total wake-up call! It felt like you understood me, and my body, and gave me hope that a fitting program would follow. I liked the full package, from de-stressing to bringing forward mindfulness and energetic activities in the beginning, to help me categorize my body issues in a way that I could address them. I can 100% recommend this program to everyone who struggles with body/food/mind issues - EVERYONE. This program tackles it all and you stick to it and I think the price is absolutely reasonable. THANK YOU, thank you for changing my life really!

Chrissie Aben (29) - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Before the Reset, I felt tired, and had no energy, and PMS. Now I have more energy, my PMS symptoms are completely gone, and I learned so many new things about food and what I did 'wrong' before the Reset. It also changed my thoughts about my health routine. I thought I ate healthy before... but even so-called healthy food might be not good for you if you have an autoimmune disease. That was a big learning. I really liked the amazing personal support of the team, their knowledge, and really lovely messages through the reset, answering all my questions (which were a lot!)

I integrated different foods which I wouldn't have without the reset. I’m finally off the sugar addiction. I got to know my body better. I can definitely recommend this program! It’s something you can do for healing- especially with autoimmune disease or hormonal imbalance, I noticed results after week 3. It is a little time-consuming, but worth it! You feel that you're giving your body the right nutrients.

Lisa Scharff (32) - Hamburg, Germany


Before I started the Program I didn't feel comfortable with my body, had some issues like bloated tummy, stress, etc. Now, I feel more comfortable with my body and it also helped me to find a better work-life-balance! The most powerful understanding I’ve got was: Listen to your body; don't over-exercise!!!
I loved the personal contact & individualized set-up of the program. I always got support when needed!  I can highly recommend the program, especially for people who aren’t familiar with healthy foods, sport, etc. and are not so disciplined. The program will help a lot because it tells people what to do and what not to - it gives structure and guidance! Thank you!  

Julia Mohr (36) - Hamburg, Germany

Vor dem Personal Hormone Reset Program habe ich bin sehr müde und erschöpft gefühlt. Außerdem war ich nicht zufrieden mit meinem Gewicht. Jetzt habe ich viel mehr Energie, fühle mich ausgeglichen, schlafe besser, habe gesündere Haut und Haare. Ich lebe viel bewusster, habe weniger Verlangen nach Zucker, konnte meine Ernährung umstellen und sogar Gewicht verlieren. Besonders hat mir das Vorkochen mit frischen Zutaten gefallen, sodass ich es auch nach dem Program zu einer regelmäßigen Gewohnheite gemacht habe.

Luisa Breitenstein (35) - Hamburg, Germany

Before I started the Personal Hormone Reset Program I felt really tired and stressed. Now, I got my energy back and I feel in general more healthy and vitality. My mind is calmer and I have a better understanding of how my body works. I was amazed by the effect more greens and meditation has on your health, that such a “small” change can bring out so many benefits.

I really liked the easy way the program is designed and at the same time gives you a lot of information in a holistic approach. I loved the time-saving aspect of cooking in batches two times a week. I think the price is definitely justified as you get lifetime access and a high-quality program.

Bibiane Vroegindewey (29) - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Before the reset I felt heavy and tired - I needed a change. Now after the 28-days of resetting my hormones I feel lighter, more energetic and happier. I have better sleep, more energy, and a positive mind.  A big learning for me was how food can make us feel, influences how we think and how much power we have in our hands to make ourselves feel good. It really helped me to have a clear set of recipes to follow and know what I would eat every day. It prevented me from eating along with my old habits. I recommend this program to everyone who wants to live their life more fully again. I’ll do this program surely again and in my eyes, the price was 100% worth it.
Thank you!  

Ariane Schuessler - Freiburg, Germany