The first internationally accredited training program that combines coaching, women's health & embodiment.



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Do you want to:

...empower women to build a career & life they love without neglecting their nervous system? a confident coach with a holistic approach and create extraordinary client results?

...enjoy a career with more impact, income & independence?

Maybe you relate to one of these –

  • You’re a manager / leader - eager to empower, engage, and motivate your team and employees. You want to learn to navigate challenging conversations and ask impactful questions.

  • You're already a coach - and know that it is essential to start differentiating yourself from self-proclaimed "coaches" who aren't professionally trained.

  • You're a professional coach - and wish to advance your training with techniques such as embodiment and somatic coaching while also expanding your knowledge on women’s cyclical nature, hormone health & nervous system regulation.

  • You're a health practitioner, consultant, or expert - and frustrated by the lack of behavior change in your clients. You know first-hand that your clients rarely implement your protocols. Knowing isn't doing. So, you want to learn how to coach your clients through real behavior change and have better results.

  • Or you're entirely new to coaching and want to shift careers - and you know how important it is to get professionally trained and accredited in one of the quickest-growing industries.

Imagine having the exact blueprint for your coaching practice (from people who have walked the path already and created what you want to create) - that allows you to:

  • show up with confidence

  • make a real difference in your coachees' lives

  • attract dream clients & opportunities

...without questioning yourself.

...without feeling like an imposter.

...without not knowing where to begin.

Join the next generation of professional coaches & learn to harness the mind-body connection so that your clients will be forever thankful for the day you came into their lives.

Our program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and its unique curriculum ensures that you gain the expertise and credentials necessary to stand out, get hired, and achieve remarkable results with your clients.

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You want to empower others to reach new heights of growth, success and happiness.

But you don't know how & where to start.


The Women Empowerment Coach Training & Certification

Women Empowerment Coach Training Content

This 6-month comprehensive program is designed specifically to help you become a confident, sought-after, and professional coach and include the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual body - so that you can make a real impact in an ever-changing and hectic world where nervous systems are under fire.

Our training gives you the required foundations, tools, knowledge, and practice to create lasting change, leading to life-changing results and more testimonials.

This professional certification gives you the credibility and international recognition you need to get hired by clients & companies all over the world, because...

We are officially accredited by the ICF!

The Gold Standard in Coaching Education.

Our quality program strictly follows all the requirements and principles of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) – the "Ivy League of the Coaching Industry". Training with us will give you 70 CCEs which you need to obtain your own ICF certification as a Professional Coach via the ICF ACC Portfolio.


Leaders that moved from 'enabling' towards 'empowering' conversations now maximize team performance & get promoted.


Professional coaches who specialized in high-demand niches now have a unique competitive advantage & more clients.


Health professionals WITH coaching skills now guide their clients through behavior change getting better results & more referrals.


Career shifters who now have proof of certification get hired by corporates & high-ticket clients leading to more income.

Are you ready to take the next step towards and become the coach you've always aspired to be?

6 months from now, you'll be able to coach professionally with our Embodied Transformation Framework™.

Your nervous system & endocrine system determine your reality. Your tools? The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

What you'll get:




  • Coaching Fundamentals
  • Coaching Structure
  • The Science of Transformation
  • The Nervous System
  • The Endocrine System


  • By the end of module 1, you'll know all the elements that need to be in place in your coaching process so that client transformation can actually happen.


Make Room For Miracles

  • Coaching in Action
  • Co-Creating The Space
  • The Coaching Relationship Triangle
  • Training Self-Awareness
  • Belief is Key
  • From Victim to Co-Creator
  • The Manifestation Equation
  • Self-Leadership & Radical Responsibility


  • By the end of module 2, you'll be able to create an empowering space in which you help your client explore their mind patterns, so that there's self-exploration and room for a new reality to unfold.


Balance Being & Doing; Feminine & Masculine

  • Coaching Core Competencies
    • Balance Being & Doing
    • Presence / State / Embodiment
    • Listening Levels
    • Intuition
    • Powerful Questions / Curiosity
    • Reflection / Bottom Lining
    • Reframing
    • Metaphors / Imagination
    • Meta-view
    • Acknowledging
    • Empower
    • Strengths
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Polarity & Duality Work


  • By the end of module 3, you'll know the art of coaching and you'll be able to tap into both feminine & masculine qualities, so that you can show up in conversations with confidence, communicate effectively, and truly empower your clients to reach their goals, leading to better testimonials and more referrals.



  • Coaching Effectiveness
    • Goal Setting
    • Brainstorming
    • Challenging
    • Accountability
    • Emotions and the Science of Self-Efficacy & Self-Confidence
  • Cyclic Awareness & Alignment
  • Cyclic Living & Period Intelligence
    • The Female Flow
    • The 4 Seasons of the Month & their Cognitive Superpowers
    • Cycle Syncing: Nutrition, Movement, Planning
  • A Woman's Journey
    • Cycle of Life
    • Reproductive Years
    • Menopause + Thyropause
    • Pro-Ageing & Postmenopause


  • By the end of module 4, you'll be able to coach more effectively so that your coachee will actually implement insights and take action after the coaching sessions. You'll also have the frameworks that women need to optimize their wellbeing at each stage of their lives so that they can leverage untapped strengths, restore body ownership, and live in harmony with their cyclical nature - instead of constantly fighting against it.


Dare to Include the Body

  • Advanced Coaching
    • Mind-Body
    • Embodiment Coaching Tools
    • Somatic Coaching Tools
    • Emotional Tools in Coaching
  • Reading the Signs of the Body
    • Hormone Imbalances
    • Emotional Centres
  • Understanding Lifestyle-Induced Root Causes of Modern Women's Health Issues
    • Inflammation
    • Nutrition
    • Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
    • Microbiome


  • By the end of module 5, you'll deeply understand the mind-body connection and apply some of the most effective tools from the field of mind-body medicine, functional nutrition, embodiment and somatic coaching, so that you can unlock the body's wisdom and reach new heights of growth and breakthroughs in your coaching sessions. This is the future of coaching!



  • Start your own coaching business
    • Connect with why
    • Difference between Coaching vs. Selling Coaching
    • Self-Belief, Trust & Integration
    • Niche Statement & Your Movement
    • Time & Energy Management
  • Coaching as a career


  • By the end of module 6, you'll feel confident about your coaching offer and empowered to get started, so that you can spread your gift and make an impact with your newfound skills, practice, and knowledge. Embrace embodied leadership for yourself and help others do the same!


We're in this Together!

  • 70 hours of ICF-Accredited Coach Training
  • 12 Virtual & Engaging Live Sessions
  • Lifetime E-Learning Access
  • Community Space
  • Coaching Circles
  • 2 Expert Teachers

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Who's Teaching the Program?

Laura van de Vorst Mona Hassan

Laura van de Vorst (1989) is a functional medicine certified health coach (FMCHC), certified holistic nutritionist, hormone health expert, and successful wellness entrepreneur. She co-founded back in 2014 and has since then helped thousands of women across the globe live healthier and happier lives free from hormone imbalances. Laura holds a Master’s Degree from the Copenhagen Business School and has been featured in Women's Health, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, Brain Effect, MindBodyGreen, and Lululemon. She's leading 1500+ active members in her own natural living community & mentoring 40+ other health experts. Laura lives between Hamburg and the Netherlands and speaks English, Dutch, and German.

Mona Hassan (1986) is an ICF-certified PCC coach (500+ coaching hours) and brings 10 years of corporate experience in the field of Marketing & Sales Leadership. Three years ago she decided to leave the corporate world to start her own business as a coach & trainer. She now holds coach certifications from 6 different schools, including somatic, embodiment, and health coaching. Her coaching style is holistic, including the mental but also the emotional, physical, and spiritual body in the process. Mona has coached and mentored especially people who feel drawn towards becoming coaches themselves. She lives between Barcelona and Vienna and speaks English and German.

Embody the positive change-maker within you and become a frontrunner in professional coaching & women empowerment.

Don’t just build a business. Build a lifestyle. And help your clients do the same.

Wanna peek inside?

What Our Graduates Say

We’ve helped professionals & entrepreneurs across 15+ industries and 12 countries build empowering coaching skills and create outstanding results in their companies, so that they can live their lives with greater income and purpose.

We’d be honored to help you too.

Marie-Christin, Germany

"Was it worth it? YES
Did it change my life? YES
Was I able to build a coaching business that is aligned with my purpose? YES
Do I feel supported after the course? YES
When this course is done, it’s not just done. There is really something happening on a deeper level."

Kalliegh, CA, USA
Ariane, Canada
Adrien, France
Stella, Netherlands
Célia, Switzerland
Julia testimonial
Julia, Portugal

Dear Laura & Mona,

you're about to make a huge change in coaching education with your holistic and somatic approach. I can't wait for the next rounds and for more offers to come.

I have huge gratitude for you both: I've done the training at a time when I didn't know what to do with my life. This training not only gave me some stability but also the courage to be brave and vulnerable. I quit my job and decided to follow the flow.

Now, 12 months later, I'm happy to say that I've found my own flow and the trust within myself I had lost over the past years.

Thank you again for your love and hard work you put into this heart project.

Forever grateful, Julia

Silvia Testimonial
Silvia, Germany

Mona and Laura have created a really special Women Empowerment Coach Certification course. It seamlessly blends traditional coaching training with much deeper and holistic knowledge on women and the wholeness of being.

I joined to leverage my knowledge more efficiently in the corporate environment. I got so much more.

I learned to integrate masculine and feminine energy in my own life and am still on my own transformation journey. I also acquired coaching skills for ICF Certification, which I'm already applying at work.

Most importantly, I've developed a profound understanding of the unique paths everyone is taking, along with a fantastic set of tools to empower my coachees in finding their own way and pursuing their goals confidently.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking a holistic approach to coaching that embraces the entirety of a person, encompassing all aspects of their being.

The course is also a lot of fun and offers a wonderful and empowering community of women. I am very grateful that I was part of this special course and I am very happy for the opportunity to work with Mona and Laura.

Megan Testimonial
Megan, United Kingdom

I was looking for a Coaching course for quite some time before finding this one. However, none of them really appealed to me because I felt like they missed something.

When I found this course, my heart lit up. I knew this was the one for me. It has the perfect balance of coach training and well-being/spirituality.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the knowledge both Mona & Laura shared with us. It's taught very well and with lots of interactive time.

I have grown so much as a woman over the last 6 months.

There have been some challenges come my way in other areas of my life and this course has helped me approach these difficult times in a much smoother and more understanding manner.

If you are thinking about doing this course, I cannot recommend it enough! It was one of the best things I've ever completed!

Thank you so much Laura & Mona!

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6-Month Women Empowerment Coach Training & Certification

  • ICF-Accredited Program that strictly follows the ICF coaching & training principles
    • Professional Coach Training, Women Empowerment & Embodied Transformation
  • Consisting of 70 hours TRAINING + 10 hours BONUS Material
    • 6 Modules:
      • Coaching Education (56 hrs)
      • Resource Education (14 hrs)
        • Women’s Health
        • Mental, Emotional + Spiritual Wellbeing
        • Business
    • Delivery Method:
      • 60% Live Biweekly Sessions (12 x 3.5 hrs Online Zoom Calls)
      • 40% Self-Study Content (on E-Learning Student Dashboard)
  • Community space for Q&A
  • Offered in English (option to do your coaching practice, exercises & exam in German)
  • Teachers: Mona Hassan & Laura van de Vorst
  • Early Bird + Payment Plan Available


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Join the next generation of coaches & achieve client breakthroughs by tapping into the wisdom of your coachees' brains AND bodies.


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Our Core Values


We value freedom more than anything else. Therefore it is important to us to introduce you to various ways of coaching so that you can create your own unique style and feel confident to be authentic yourself in conversations. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to observe live and recorded coaching sessions by various coaches, each demonstrating their own style, while respecting the key principles and ethics of ICF.


Learning and growing are other important core values for us. Our course aims to facilitate your learning curve in the best way we can, by offering a dynamic mixture of live teaching, group discussions, 1:1 mentoring, group mentoring, self-study, as well as practical assignments in which you get to demonstrate your coaching skills. So that after this training, coaching is second nature to you and you feel calm, present, and excited meeting your clients.


Last but not least we believe that life needs to be taken less seriously. It's important to make room for play, to connect with joy and to express your creativity, all so that you can feel alive, connect deeper, and attract opportunities beyond your dreams. Therefore we put an emphasis on small groups and experiential learning. We strive to create a safe space where we can have deep, transforming coaching conversations, cultivate trust, and share joyful & heart-warming laughs.