Want to unleash your full potential and help others do the same?

Our unique coach training program ensures that you gain the credentials and expertise necessary to stand out, get hired, and make a profound difference in people's lives.

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How to become a professional coach and create freedom while making an impact

Are you ready to transform your coaching practice, stand out from the competition, and achieve remarkable results for your clients?

Do you thrive in an intimate learning environment with time to ask questions, receive personal feedback, and get trained by heart-centered & honest teachers who have the know-how, insights, and experience to accelerate your success?

Are you afraid that you'll always be stuck in a job that you hate while the years continue to go by and what you're meant to do in the world slips away?

Then you may be an ideal candidate for our 6-Month Women Empowerment Coach Training! Next round starts October 4th, 2023.

Maybe you relate to one of these –

  • You’re a manager or leader eager to empower, engage, and motivate your team and employees. You yearn to unlock the secrets of guiding conversations more effectively and asking impactful questions.

  • You're a coach and want to set yourself apart from all those people who just one day decided to call themselves "coaches" but who were never professionally trained...

  • You're professional coach already and wish to advance your education in with techniques such as embodied + somatic coaching, while expanding your knowledge in women’s health & empowerment...

  • You're a health practitioner, consultant or expert, and you know that in order to really help your clients implement your advise, you need to learn how to coach them through behavior change...

  • Or you're entirely new to coaching and looking to shift careers and you know how important it is to get properly trained and accredited in one of the hottest coaching niches of the moment...


You want to be equipped to empower others in all areas – business, health, AND purpose.

Yes? Then this is for you!


The #1 Women Empowerment Coach Training & Certification

This comprehensive program is designed specifically for aspiring & ambitious coaches like you. Our training offers the tools, knowledge, and proven strategies to help you become a confident and sought-after coach.

With our professional certification, you'll not only gain the credibility you deserve but also the expertise to guide your clients towards life-changing transformations. Imagine the impact you'll make when you possess the exact blueprint, skills, and training required to create extraordinary results.

Pssst... this is the first program in the world that combines professional coaching with women empowerment (!)

This 6-month online program offers high-quality training that strictly follows all the requirements and principles of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) – the "Ivy League of the Coaching World". We're in the final stages of our application process and once the training has officially been accredited by ICF you will be able to obtain your certification as a Professional Coach via the ICF ACC Portfolio.


Leaders want to move away from 'enabling' towards 'empowering' conversations to unlock potential and maximize team performance.


Professional coaches want to get accreditation and specialize in high-demand niches to stick out a sea of coaches and become sought-after.


Health professionals want to add coaching skills in their practice to support their clients with long-lasting behavior change.


Career shifters want proof of certification to get a foot in the door and get hired by corporates and high-ticket clients.

We understand that your goal is to excel in your coaching practice and make a real difference in the lives of your clients.


That's why our program goes beyond surface-level techniques, providing you with a deep understanding of human behavior, effective communication, and powerful coaching methodologies.

By joining our program, you'll unlock the secrets to standing out in a crowded coaching market. We'll equip you with the tools to confidently navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and consistently deliver exceptional outcomes for your clients.

Elevate your coaching career to new heights with our training program.


Are you ready to take the next step towards becoming the coach you've always aspired to be?

6 months from now, you'll be able to coach professionally with our Embodied Transformation Framework™.

Your nervous system & endocrine system determine your reality. Your tools? The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

The Course Content

THE E.M.B.O.D.Y. METHOD IN 6 modules


  • Coaching Fundamentals & Coaching Structure
  • Energy, Stress & The Endocrine System


  • Coaching in Action - Make Room
  • From Victimhood to Responsibility


  • Coaching in Action - Balance Being & Doing
  • Balancing Feminine & Masculine


  • Coaching in Action - Optimize Outcomes
  • Cyclic Awareness, Period Intelligence & Alignment


  • Coaching in Action - Dare to Include The Body
  • Women's Health - Physical & Emotional

6. YOU

  • How to Start Your Own Successful Coaching Business
  • Coaching As A Career

The Course Structure

Coaching track women empowerment coach training

Your Teachers

Mona Hassan (1986) is an ICF-certified PCC coach (+500 coaching hours) and brings 10 years of corporate experience in the field of Marketing & Sales Leadership. Three years ago she decided to leave the corporate world to start her own business as a coach & trainer. She now holds coach certifications from 6 different schools, including somatic, embodiment, and health coaching. Her coaching style is holistic, including the mental but also the emotional, physical, and spiritual body in the process. Mona has coached and mentored especially people who feel drawn towards becoming coaches themselves. She lives between Barcelona and Vienna and speaks English and German. Mona teaches the Coaching Track.

women empowerment coach
women empowerment coach

Laura van de Vorst (1989) is a certified holistic nutritionist, FMCHC, hormone health expert, and successful wellness entrepreneur. She co-founded healthcoachfx.com back in 2014 and has since then helped thousands of women across the globe live healthier and happier lives free from hormone imbalances. Laura holds a Master’s Degree from the Copenhagen Business School and has been featured in Women's Health, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, Brain Effect, MindBodyGreen, and Lululemon. She's leading 1500+ active members in her own natural living community & mentoring 40+ other health experts. Laura lives between Hamburg and the Netherlands and speaks English, Dutch, and German. Laura teaches the Resource Track.

Embody the positive change-maker within you and become a frontrunner in the field of embodied transformation & women empowerment.

Don’t just build a business. Build a lifestyle. And help your clients do the same.

What Our Graduates Say

On October 31st, 2022, we finished the first cohort of this program with 15 participants (from 7 countries and of all ages) and sent our women empowerment certified coach graduates into the world! The second cohort started on March 1st, 2023. Will you join us in October 2023?

Marie-Christin, Germany
Ariane, Germany / Canada
Stella, Netherlands
Sandra, Germany
Julia, Portugal
Silvia, Germany

"Mona and Laura created a really special course with their Women Empowerment Coach Certification. The course combines classic coaching training with so much deeper and more holistic knowledge of women and the wholeness of being.

I joined because I was looking for a way to use my knowledge in my corporate environment in a more efficient way.

I got so much more.

I learned the importance of integrating masculine and feminine energy in my own life and am still on my own transformation journey. I also learned the coaching skills required for ICF Certification and am already using them in my work.

More importantly, I found a deep understanding of the unique and special way everyone is going and a wonderful variety of tools to enable and empower my coachees to find their own way and go for it.

I love to recommend the course to everyone who is looking for a holistic approach to coaching that includes the whole person with all different aspects.

The course is also a lot of fun and creates a wonderful community of women being part of the course, that‘s really empowering. I am very grateful that I was part of this special course and I am very happy for the opportunity to work with Mona and Laura."

Women Empowerment Coach Training
Megan, United Kingdom

"I was looking for a Coaching course for quite some time before finding this one. However, none of them really appealed to me because I felt like they missed something.

When I found this course, my heart lit up. I knew this was the one for me. It has the perfect balance of coach training and well-being/spiritual agenda.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the knowledge both Mona & Laura shared with us. It's taught very well and with lots of interactive time.

I have grown so much as a woman over the last 6 months.

There have been some challenges come my way in other areas of my life and this course has helped me approach these difficult times in a much smoother and more understanding manner.

I've already started to apply my new skills to some friends and family. I cannot wait to receive my first paying client!

If you are thinking about doing this course, I cannot recommend it enough! It was one of the best things I've ever completed!

Thank you so much Laura & Mona!"

6-Month Women Empowerment Coach Training & Certification

  • This professional coach training consists of a total of 70 hours:
    • Professional Coach Training, Women Empowerment & Embodied Transformation
      • 56 CCE Hours (Continued Coaching Education)
      • 14 RD Hours (Resource Development)
      • 10 Bonus Hours
    • Live & Self-Study Distribution
      • 36 Live Session Hours
      • 36 Self-Study Hours
  • Delivery Method:
    • 12 x 3.5 hrs Online Zoom Calls (biweekly live sessions, all dates in brochure)
    • Online Student Dashboard (self-study content & resources)
  • Offered in English
  • Offered in German (when enough interest)
  • Teachers: Mona Hassan & Laura van de Vorst


Are you ready to take the next step towards becoming the coach you've always aspired to be?

Enroll now & unleash your full potential!





Our Core Values


We value freedom more than anything else. Therefore it is important to us to value the various ways of coaching and help you create your unique style. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to observe live and recorded coaching sessions by various coaches, each demonstrating their own style, while respecting the key principles and ethics of ICF.


Learning and growing are other important core values for us. In order to best support your learning journey the course offers a mixture of live teaching, group discussions, 1:1 mentoring, group mentoring, self-study as well as practical assignments in which you get to demonstrate your coaching skills.


Last but not least we believe that life needs to be taken less seriously. It's all about having fun, enjoying ourselves and living our creativity along the way. Therefore we put an emphasis on small groups and experiential learning. We strive to create a safe space where we can have deep, transforming coaching conversations as well as joyful, heart-warming laughs.


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