Embodiment Coaching: Unlocking Lasting Transformation for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Embodiment Coaching


Embodiment Coaching – The revolutionary coaching approach that leads to meaningful and lasting transformation not only on a mental but also on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.


Traditional coaching approaches are often missing something crucial. They are predominantly goal-oriented and mindset-focused. They usually neglect a very vital aspect of our humanity: the body.


As professional coaches, our main purpose is to achieve meaningful and lasting results for our clients. But often we get stuck in the process. While there are many ways and methodologies to get unstuck the missing key is often: Embodiment Coaching.


What is Embodiment Coaching?


Embodiment Coaching seems to be the newest trend within the coaching industry. But what actually does Embodiment Coaching stand for?


Simply put, embodiment coaching means coaching with the body(in)mind. It means (re)connecting your clients to their body and therefore access its tremendous wisdom.


How does Embodiment Coaching work?


Including the physical body in the coaching process sounds fantastic. But how does Embodiment Coaching actually work in practical terms? revolutionary coaching approachAs an embodiment coach you help your client connect to their body through posture, movement, breathing or by simply focusing on the body’s sensations – then trying to express what is being sensed with words.


What makes Embodiment Coaching so powerful?


Everything that a human being experiences is being experienced with and through the body. Our mind then only tries to make sense of what the body senses and experiences in the first place. Therefore the principle is body first. In Embodiment Coaching we see the body as this vast library of memories, information, and wisdom. When people want to make profound changes in their lives it is mostly not enough just to make a mental plan. If a simple plan would do the work we wouldn’t need coaches.


To achieve deep change we need to change with our entire being – including our body. Through Embodiment Coaching your client’s vision and goals are not only a mental construct but can actually be felt and sensed, which leads to action, repeated action, and ultimately behavior change. Does that mean that traditional coaching is not working? Absolutely not. Embodiment Coaching is simply faster, deeper and it sticks.


Where can I acquire or deepen my Embodiment Coaching skills?


Over the years many people have been wanting to training with us. In 2021, we decided to create a professional Coaching School – The Embodied Coaching Institute – where we took it upon ourselves to create a unique comprehensive training program. Something we felt was missing in the market.


Our mission is to equip coaches with advanced coaching techniques like embodied and somatic coaching but also to provide education on women’s cyclical nature, hormone health, and empowerment. We have developed the embodied transformation framework, which serves as a guiding light throughout our coach training, empowering future coaches to support their clients on not only a mental, but also a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, and achieve remarkable results.


As the coaching industry continues to grow, it’s crucial to distinguish yourself and ensure you possess the necessary skills. Certification, such as the prestigious ICF (International Coach Federation), holds immense value. With the rise of self-proclaimed coaches, it’s important to undergo professional training and gain certification to truly make a positive difference in people’s lives. We are proud to announce that our coach training program is officially accredited by the ICF, the gold standard of the coaching industry, making us the first program of its kind, offering not only Embodiment Coaching but also Women Empowerment, to achieve this kind of recognition.


At healthcoachFX, we believe that education and professional coaching accelerate the world’s transition to equality. Empowering women changes the world.

By becoming one of our certified embodiment transformation & women empowerment coaches, you’ll receive the knowledge, professional coaching skills, and expertise necessary to make a positive impact in your own community.

This is the time. If not now, when?

After taking this professional training you’ll be a professional embodied transformation & women empowerment coach specializing in empowering women on all levels of their lives (health, business, spirituality) by applying a WHOLE-person coaching approach.

Coaching not only the mind but including the physical, emotional & energetic body.

Please comment below when you’re considering training with us, we’d love to get to know you! This article will be updated continuously to include new resources and information.

Laura van de Vorst

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