Is Your Gut Blocking Your Weight Loss?

The gut is an essential team player for your health. A normal immune reaction, blood sugar regulation, healthy hormone balance and even the production of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters: each is dependent on good gut health.

Could the gut be one of the most underestimated organs...?

An unhealthy gut triggers many health issues, but a gut blocking weight loss? Yes, your upset gut might be the number one reason your gaining weight.

When your digestive system isn’t functioning properly, your body can't process food the way it should and your metabolism won’t be able to do its job. Let's have a closer look at gut-induced weight gain and what to do about it.

Gut Flora

Thousands, millions, BILLIONS of different microorganisms live together inside your gut, each with vastly different and unique functions. Together they comprise your gut flora. That's quite the community you've got going on in your lower belly!

Every human being has a unique universe living inside his or her gut. Just like a fingerprint, no one’s gut flora is identical.

You can see your gut flora as its own little world. The first time bacteria "populate" your gut is when you leave your mother’s womb. At this point, your gut flora is still very similar to your mother’s, but you might also get some bacteria from the doctor who brought you into this world.

From then on, more and more bacteria inhabit your gut: until you’ve got your own unique set of bacteria around the age of 3. From that moment on, your gut flora stays relatively stable but is still influenced by things like age, lifestyle, and diet.

A Healthy Population

A healthy population of microorganisms such as yeasts and bacteria is essential for a healthy gut.

'Bacteria' often have a bad reputation, but the opposite is true. Having a variety of good bacteria in our system is crucial for good health! Having a lot of good bacteria also leaves less space for bad bacteria to settle in.

The most important thing for a healthy gut flora is to have a VARIETY of good bacteria strains. The same goes for your different bacteria families: the more, the merrier! Just like biodiversity is better for the preservation of our planet.

Unhealthy Gut Blocking Weight Loss? The Influence Of Gut Flora On Your Weight

Many studies link gut problems to body weight:

Research shows that certain populations of gut bacteria are related to obesity and metabolic problems as well as type-2 diabetes, colon cancer, and other metabolic diseases. Prebiotics and probiotics have proven to be beneficial in the treatment of obesity and related disorders. When germ-free mice were colonized with  “obesity-prone” gut bacteria they gained more weight than other mice who had normal gut flora.

Other research shows that diversity of gut flora is an important factor too in preventing insulin resistance and inflammatory diseases. Insulin resistance triggers outrageous sugar cravings, making it so much harder to lose weight.

The population of your gut is crucial to stay healthy, but also to maintain a healthy weight. Trying to diet without considering your gut health first will make it very hard to reach your goals, if not impossible! A diet should be fitting to your metabolic body type and promote good gut bacteria. Something we take into consideration in the nutrition plans of our 6-Week Personal Body Reset Program.

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