Is It You.. Or Your Hormones?

Do you recognise yourself in any of the following?

"I wish I could just stay home, eat chocolate and lie in bed all day."

"I can’t get rid of that extra weight, and I’ve been trying to lose it for AGES!"

"My partner seems to have a much higher libido than I do."

"I’m just. Not. Ready. To deal with people today."

"I’ve been working out quite a lot; I was promised to get abs. Now where on earth are my abs?"

"It’s only 14 pm… Why do I feel like I need a nap?"

"OMG, I LOVE THIS!!! - Oh, wait… No, I don’t. - BUT I DO! - Nah, not anymore. - YES, I DO!"

"I’ve been trying EVERYTHING to get clearer, healthier-looking skin, but nothing seems to work."

"My boobies have been super sensitive lately. It even hurts to walk up the stairs or work out."

"Every time I have my period I feel like crying for a week."

"Oh look a bird! Let’s get up and make tea for the 40th time today! I wonder if anything’s happening at the water cooler. Did I put my clothes in the dryer? Mmm.. I think I forgot to bring my concentration to work today."


Oh dear! If these thoughts cross your mind a little too often, you’re probably suffering from some hormones bouncing around that are messing with your systems.

Of course, to some extent, it’s completely normal to have fluctuating hormonal levels as you go through your monthly cycle. But if you’re experiencing the above you’re officially out of the “normal zone”.

These are things you should never be suffering from! Hormonal problems can have an enormous impact on your mood and body. Even things you think are “just you”, might very well be the result of hormonal imbalances.

But Isn't This Normal "Women Stuff"?

Too bad society has conditioned us into thinking that PMS is totally normal, that mood swings are gender-related, that women just have to deal with fat retention on their hips and have a pair of boobs that hurt like hell.

Well, darling, we’re happy to tell you that this isn’t true! These are real symptoms, meaning your body is signalling you that something is NOT right.

And as with every health problem, you should never ignore the signals your body gives you. And these symptoms all lead point to one thing: hormones.

So What's Making Your Hormones Mess Around?

The most common causes of hormonal imbalances are poor diet, doing the wrong exercises, exposing your body to toxins, and chronic stress. Your hormone levels are pretty sensitive to these factors. And the solution to restoring the balance is often found in lifestyle changes in these areas.

It's a process, and there’s no quick fix. A lot of women have suffered from hormonal problems for years and years, so reversing the switch can be quite challenging. But it’s absolutely possible!!

So let’s focus on the positive and work towards happy hormones together.

Want to learn more about hormonal imbalances? You can find more on this topic here: This Is What Happens When You Suffer From Hormonal Imbalances

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Laura van de Vorst

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